BLF is a Business Consulting firm first, and a funder second. Started by entrepreneurs that have scaled companies, enduring successes and challenges, pur Executive Managements’ background includes: Owning and Operating Logistics, Construction, IT Placement and Staffing, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Health/Life Insurance Brokerage entities. This experience provides perspective to B2B, B2C, Point of Sale, and Supply Chain enterprises, and all the business/sales and marketing processes associated with the aforementioned.

While this broad spectrum of experience and hands-on business finance acumen is meaningful, empathy in understanding/caring about what clients are going through, is what brings clients comfort knowing they have an advocate they can trust

While cash flow peaks and valleys are typically the largest battle small to mid-cap firms fight, understanding EXACTLY what capital/liquidity solutions their business is eligible for (based on earnings/debt, collateral, guarantor credit, equity) is frequently not explained and explored by Loan Brokerages. In fact, most Brokerages only offer ‘quick fix funds’ which come at a very high cost of capital to the client (and not at all surprisingly: a very high commission to the Loan Brokerage).

BFL understands businesses, and upon request, acts as an intermediary to find the right capital for their clients (to augment profitability and growth). After a complimentary analysis of the Financials, clients are informed precisely what they are eligible for, and informed what it will take to secure more cost-effective capital if/when applicable. Immediate cash flow challenges can be addressed, and a path to the long-term solution is charted to achieve the client’s goals.