The age of the freight broker is coming to an end.

The CARRIER is now empowered.

As crazy as it seems now, up until the late 1980’s whenever a private investor wanted to buy stock in a company he was obligated to deal with a member of the Stock Exchange, aka a “stockbroker”, and had to pay a pretty hefty price for the service. There was also once a time when buying insurance required a trip to the local neighborhood agent/ insurance broker. Same goes for mortgages, commodities, cars, or a zillion other things that no longer require involving a broker.

There are two main contributing factors that made all of the brokers listed above a dying (or dead) breed:

  1. Information technology.

  2. Client/customer empowerment.

In this instance, information and empowerment are not mutually exclusive, but rather two sides of the same coin. But access to information that was previously unavailable doesn’t provide power, it IS power.

Now imagine what that power could do for your freight business.

What if you could locate shippers directly that are actively looking for carriers that are always close to home?

* No more time spent worrying about return routes

What if you could reduce the carrier-to-shipper rate and at the exact same time increase your carrier-to-shipper rate?

* A win-win for both you and the shipper

What if you had access to real time carrier -to-shipper rates for all the lanes you run and could adjust your rates accordingly when the market shifts?

* Be more competitive than others but also charge more than you used to be able to get when going through brokers?

What if you knew exactly what the load-to-truck ratio was for any given lane so that you could argue capacity vs. just rate?

* Schedule loads when it was convenient for both you and the shipper

What if you had a reliable source of capital to grow your fleet?

* Take care of much needed repairs/upgrades

Bright Light Funding and our partner company Freight Numbers LLC are positioned to help you, the carrier, leverage all the tools you need to gain independence from the broker mindset and take control of your own business. We believe in trucking. And we want you to believe in us.