Businesses come in every shape and size. So does business consulting.  From mom & pop stores to multi-million dollar operations, the right rollout can make all the difference. Finding the perfect match is what we do best.



Construction Companies

No matter the size, one thing common to all construction business is the need for access to quick capital for equipment, supplies and payroll.  Because jobs are often paid out over time, keeping crews and subcontractors current with payment is often a cash strapping and stressful ordeal.  Money to bridge this gap is essential to maintain company solvency. And having a reliable source of quick capital also increases leverage when bidding on new projects.   


Retail Establishments

Retail shop owners know that a store that can't stock inventory effectively and as quickly as possible is a store that loses sales opportunities.  In addition to keeping current customers happy and coming back, being able to identify changing retail trends and capitalize on them in a moment's notice is the hallmark of every good retailer. A ready cash source can be the difference between the empty shelves of a struggling business or the stocked ones of a gold mine.


Manufacturing and Industry

Keeping up with the demands of the market and a growing customer base will ensure larger operations can run to full capacity.  As new orders need to be fulfilled so too does manpower and additional machinery.  These needs can be met quickly and efficiently with the right funding.


Architectural and Engineering Firms

The power to bid for upcoming work is reinforced by the confidence in knowing the layout for a project is covered through regular short term cash infusions. 



Restaurateurs, caterers and cafe owners frequently need a cash infusion to keep things running smoothly. Typical uses are to upgrade or purchase new equipment, expansion, supplies and inventory and for working capital to cover payroll expenses. Oftentimes restaurants engage in many credit card transactions but deal with very little cash in the baking ledger so it may be necessary to have a look at merchant processing statements as well.


Logistics and Transport

Fleet expansion, equipment overhauls, and working capital for drivers are necessary for success in the ultra competitive transportation field. Many carriers spend their entire careers as one man operations because learning all of the nuances of the market is too demanding or the expense of expanding the fleet is too prohibitive. Acquiring new routes can drive transportation companies into growth to stay ahead of the competition.


Personal Service and Tradesmen

The service and trade industry is stacked with talented people who are able to provide their skills to a demanding clientele.  Clientele who want what they want when they want it.  As is the case, skill is only half the battle- a ready access to cash for supplies, tools and equipment is a must.


Medical Offices

In an ever changing (and unpredictable) landscape doctors and healthcare specialists must maintain cutting edge technology and equipment or suffer the consequences of becoming obsolete. As equipment leasing options become more difficult to acquire, unsecured loans help secure the financing for expensive upgrades to machinery, technology and office upgrades.



Time in Business – 3 mos
Minimum Revenue – $15k monthly
Credit Score – case specific
Type – SP, LLC, Corporation


Retail Shops
Medical Offices
Service Industry
CBD Industry


Term Loans/SBA
Lines of Credit
Short Term Funding
Transportation Finance
Equipment Finance


$15,000- $25,000,000


Logistics Consulting