In the dark about business capital? We'll light the way.



Bright Light Funding is a boutique firm specializing in business capital and consulting for small to medium sized businesses across the U.S. and Canada.  From immediate cash flow needs to long range funding solutions, our goal is to make the process as quick and as streamlined as possible.  We understand getting working capital comes with a predictable set of concerns; Am I qualified?  How much can I get?  Is this the right loan for my business? 

Bright Light Funding will help you address those very concerns.  We pride ourselves on 100% transparency, an informative experience, customized loan process, and fast funding.

Click LEARN MORE below to see how our funding options may help your business.  Or, click APPLY NOW to begin our safe, pre-approval process. In just a matter of a few minutes you can be on your way towards acquiring the capital you need for your business. 


Why we care about being transparent

Why we care about being transparent

Keeping clients aware of everything (the good and the bad) makes the loan process less stressful.  By empowering the client with as much information as possible trust is developed.  This trust is vital to ensure the funding can move forward quickly and efficiently.


HOw loans are customized

HOw loans are customized

Every business is unique, and thus each capital request is an individual collaboration.  The underwriting process is a client specific process that aims to maximize borrowing power by focusing on the strengths of the business.

Fast Funding

how  fast  is fast?

how fast is fast?

In business, speed is king.  Capital can often be funded within the same day. Typically financing is completed and in the business's bank account within 48 hours of initial contact.

"Every day spent NOT moving your business forward is a day your business is moving backward.  Therefore, the only way to sustain your business is to consistently seek new ways to grow it." - V. Thomas