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Bright Light Funding (BLF) is a boutique firm that specializes in one thing and one thing only- consulting and funding for small to medium sized carriers across the U.S.  Whether it’s help with finding local shippers needing freight moved, or creating long range fleet expansion solutions, our goal is to make the process as easy and as streamlined as possible.  We understand growing your trucking business comes with a predictable set of concerns; What should I do? Where do I start? Can I actually do this? 

BLF will help you address those very concerns.  And most importantly, we are in it for the ‘long haul’. Creating successful carriers is in our blood. We pride ourselves on 100% transparency, incredibly useful tools, customized expansion plans, and fast funding.

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Why we care about being transparent

Why we care about being transparent

Carriers like to keep things close to the vest. This comes from dealing with brokers all the time. It’s impossible to trust someone who only has their own best interest in mind. Brokers don’t care about carriers and they never have. At BLF our mission is carrier empowerment. By empowering the client with as much information as possible, trust is developed.  This trust is vital to ensure the client can move forward quickly and efficiently.


HOw loans are customized

HOw loans are customized

Every carrier is unique, and thus each growth plan is a essentially a “one off” collaboration.  The entire process is a client specific process that aims to maximize power by focusing on the strengths and minimizing/eliminating the weaknesses. What works for one carrier may not work for another. Of course it’s always about more lanes and better rate. But which lanes? How to attain a better rate? We’ll tackle these for each individual carriers.

Fast Funding

how  fast  is fast?

how fast is fast?

In business, speed is king.  When it’s time to expand, lightning (aka opportunity) can strike quickly. The ability to handle more freight often depends on being ready to pounce on a moment’s notice. With BLF, expansion capital can often be funded within the same day, and our carriers are ready for it because we planned for this ahead of time. Even still, typically we can formulate a game plan and fund within a day or two of initial contact.

"Every day spent NOT moving your business forward is a day your business is moving backward.  Therefore, the only way to sustain your business is to consistently seek new ways to grow it." - V. Thomas