We live in an age when everything moves fast-technology, news headlines, product trends, logistic demands, even the mail (sort of). Why should acquiring working capital be any different?  Luckily it doesn't have to be.  

Gone are the days when applying for a business loan took 2 weeks just to hear an answer, and another 4 weeks to get your money.  That approach doesn't cut it in the modern business environment. You need capital now, and we know that.  Bright Light Funding has a quick and streamlined process to ensure merchants get their funding in the shortest time possible. Here is a breakdown of our most typical funding time frames:

FAST (36-48 hours). Even with poor-to-decent credit and bank accounts that are in fair shape, it will rarely take longer than a day for a decision.  If there are credit issues, or perhaps bank accounts that are less than stellar, it may add an extra day or two.  Note- credit issues will not usually disqualify an applicant from approval, but it may take a bit longer.

FASTER (12-24 hours). Most of our merchants will be funded in this time frame. Decent credit and business bank accounts that are showing positive cash flow can expect the money in their account the next business day following an approval.  

FASTEST (6-12 hours).  Good credit and strong banks mean money in your bank as fast as you can return documents.

A BOLT OF LIGHTNING (1 hour). With stellar credit and very healthy cash flow merchants can qualify for online checkout.  We have funded merchants often on the very same phone call that was made for the initial request!