"When I was 25 years old I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, and wound up opening up my very first business in the (then burgeoning) credit counseling industry.  I had already worked in the field for about 3 years and took a liking to the kind of job that helped a lot of people who were struggling with their personal debt.  It gave me immense satisfaction to know that I was able to make drastic turnarounds for people whose personal finances were causing them so much worry and grief.  The fact that I was able to build a business doing something I loved was a very special place thing.

As my client base began to grow it soon became clear that our small little office was running out of the manpower and infrastructure to help all of them efficiently.  I had heard of 'back office processing firms' as a way to alleviate this burden on my company and also to ensure my clients were all getting the technical and logistical help they needed on a day to day basis.  I met with a few of these companies and, having found one I really like, eventually signed a 3 year contract with them.  Their job would be all the back end stuff (which was tedious, difficult) which allowed my office to handle all the client enrollment and counseling (which was fund and interesting).

If only I knew what I had gotten myself into. As it turned out, the processing company had acted very dishonestly with me when setting up the original arrangement. It wound up costing me a fortune each month- much more than I had been told.  It was so expensive that it was starting to affect my company's ability to grow, or even pay some of our other bills.  Each month I would look at the bank statements and see very healthy amount of deposits, yet almost all of this went straight to the company I had hired.  Within 2 years the cost was so high, I had to close down the business.  It was a shame that this happened.  Of course I probably should have been much more through in vetting the company and ultimately the responsibility was my own.  However, the cold truth of the matter was that I had been swindled.  This company went on to do this to many small credit counseling companies just like mine and eventually many of them suffered the same fate as mine did- they closed their doors.

I will never forget the stress I was put through for those two years as I saw my company's finances so strangled.  The feeling of having to lay off employees who I cared about affected me greatly. and finally closing this shop was one of the saddest things I have ever had to do.  I vowed to never be so naive again. But more importantly I vowed that for the rest of my business career (wherever it would lead me) I would never do to another person what was done to me. 

I have held these vows for over 20 years.  And as president of Bright Light Funding I hold each and every employee to this same standard.  We will practice rigorous honesty in dealing with our clients.  Even at our own expense.  A business owner is entrusting something very sacred to us- the future growth of their business. We don't take that privilege for granted and never will.

I can speak on behalf of everyone at our firm and say you may rely on anything an employee says or does as being 100% accurate and in the best interest of the company we serve.

-Sean Hawley


Bright Light Funding