In the aftermath of the devastation in Houston and surrounding areas, Bright Light Funding is aiming to help the city's most vulnerable get the assistance they need.  You can help too.

For the entire month of September, every loan we fund for small business (regardless of loan size), BLF will make a contribution of $200 to one of the relief organizations listed below.

It will be our privilege to make the donation in your name, or anonymously if that is your preference.



United Way of Greater Houston,

United Way's first priority will be safety, shelter and basic needs, like food. Once the community is stabilized, UW will focus on long-term recovery efforts.

100% of your gift to the United Way

You can contact The United Way directly here:

Humane Society of the United States

Houston's animals are lost, cold, scared and suffering. HSUS has been inundated with efforts to save, shelter and care for lost or abandoned pets and livestock. Donations are desperately needed as they seek to assist the growing number of affected animals. 

100% of your gift will go directly towards both 'boots on the ground' and logistical efforts.

You can contact The Humane Society of the United States here:



Americares is in Texas, distributing water, aid and mobilizing outreach with its local partners. Thousands of people are in desperate need of aid, medicine and basic supplies, and the demand is growing.  Being without proper medicine or treatment for illness is at minimum a crisis, and is oftentimes life threatening.

For every $200 donated, Americares can actually provide $4,000 in aid.

You can contact Americares directly by clicking here: